My vision for Murray is that residents have a voice and are involved in decisions that affect their well-being and way of life.  I believe growth and development should benefit businesses and citizens in a positive, reciprocal way and the property tax Murray citizens pay is effectively and responsibly managed.  I have been a proponent for smart, responsible development, vibrant neighborhoods, and controlled density. 

Murray City continues to be a shining example of what a community can and should be.  I am running because I can provide the experience and leadership our city needs during this time of dynamic growth and change.


As our city continues to evolve, leaders will need to appropriately evaluate how we can keep our community great while also embracing future opportunities.  We must find balance between the interests of our neighborhoods and economic development; however,  I do not believe high density apartments should encroach on our neighborhoods. Murray is 98% built out and if we are to grow our tax base we need to go up.  There are appropriate sites, such as by mass transit, or responsibly placed in the downtown area. Neighborhoods are not it.

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Often, we do not see services that are the backbone of our city, like the pipes under our roads that connect to homes and businesses. I am committed to ensuring that we proactively maintain our city infrastructure and continue our high quality services at the lowest possible cost.


During the pandemic (2020) I was budget chair.  Through responsible budgeting, and working with the finance director, we were able to fund employee raises and only cut the CIP (Capital Improvement Projects) and general fund by 5%.  In 2021 we have been able to replenish those funds without a property tax increase.  I believe Murray citizens deserve a city that is efficiently and effectively managed in a fiscally responsible way.

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At the core of municipal services is public safety-Murray Police and Fire.  I will continue to support Murray P.D. and Murray Fire as they work to protect our community to maintain the safe, walkable neighborhoods that we as Murray residents have come to expect and enjoy.


While serving on the Council, I have introduced and pushed for responsible environmental building practices and policies.  I was responsible for allocating funds for alternative fuel vehicles for the Murray fleet and pushed for electric vehicle charging stations.  I believe our children and grandchildren deserve a world without rolling power blackouts, where the air they breathe and the water they drink is clean. This starts with responsible local policies and action which I have done my best to achieve.

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As a council member, I have created a quarterly update which keeps my district 4 constituents informed of what is happening in the city and specifically in their district.  It is distributed to interested citizens by email.  I am a caring, responsive citizen advocate.